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Workshops & Short Courses

  • AD Model Builder
    AD Model Builder is a software package used for creating programs to estimate parameters of statistical models. The QFC periodically offers basic and advanced fishery applications short courses.
  • Fish Production and Barrier Removals: A Structured Decision Workshop for Great Lakes Fisheries Managers
  • As part of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission’s Science Transfer Program, members of the QFC will hold two, two-day workshops during November 14-17, 2016. The first workshop will take place in Detroit, MI, and the second in Toronto, ON. Intended for Great Lakes fisheries managers, each workshop will consist of a mock Structured Decision Making (SDM) process for barrier removal decision, presentations by experts on the state of science in predicting native and invasive fish production above barriers, and guided discussion on research and decision-making. Workshop participants will learn the methods of SDM and gain an increased understanding of the scientific knowledge and uncertainty in predicting fish production above existing barriers.

    If interested in attending, please click on the following link and enter your name, email address, and preferred workshop location by June 3, 2016. Initial registration will be used to determine final enrollment; attendance is capped at 30 participants per workshop.

    There is no registration fee for these workshops.
  • Introduction to R Workshop
    R is an extremely powerful and versatile data analysis package that is freely available for download off the world-wide web. R rivals and, in some cases, surpasses commercial statistical software and graphing packages. Thus, wide adoption of R by managers and biologists in the field of natural resources and ecology may result in substantial cost-savings to natural resource agencies.