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Visiting Opportunities

The Quantitative Fisheries Center has initiated two programs designed to encourage collaboration between the QFC and other fisheries professionals.

1. Secondment Program

This program is for fishery biologists or researchers from agencies in the Great Lakes region. Participants will have an opportunity to spend time at the QFC, working with QFC staff and learning quantitative fisheries methods.  The intent of the program is to increase practical quantitative expertise in agency professional staff, and expose QFC staff to a range of practical issues facing agencies. Visitors can receive hands-on training in an array of quantitative fisheries techniques and work with QFC personnel on projects of interest to the visitor and her/his employer.

We are currently inviting proposals from persons and agencies interested in participating in this program, click for more information and application materials.

2. Visiting Scientist

The QFC is willing and interested in hosting quantitative fisheries scientists at Michigan State University.  Potential activities of visiting scholars would include presenting research seminars, engaging in collaborative research with QFC or other MSU faculty, interacting with MSU graduate students and faculty to broaden their exposure to ongoing research in quantitate fisheries session, or providing guest lectures in appropriate classes.  If you are interested in being a visiting scholar at the QFC, please contact either QFC co-Director (; to discuss opportunities.