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QFC at the HPCC

At the QFC, we frequently construct large and/or complex models utilizing computer intensive operations, such as random effects, and fitting these models can exceed the capacity of desktop computers. When we need additional, high speed computing resources, we utilize the HPCC to run these larger models which can require 24 hours or more to complete. Read more about how the QFC uses the HPCC

Three QFC graduate students made videos for their research

Three graduate students of the QFC (Alexander Jensen, Yang Li, and Alexander Maguffee) have taken a very special course during the past spring semester: “Telling Your Story: Communicating Your Research to Diverse Audiences”. It’s the first time FW department of MSU providing such a course that teach graduate students how to use storytelling techniques and video technology to better communicate with diverse audiences. Our three QFC graduate students made awesome videos for their research during this course, and showed their videos to our department on FW GSO seminar. See the video here.