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CANR support

For computer assistance, your first contact should be the CANR STAT - (Systems and Technology Assistance Team) - Help Desk, Training, Network/Systems Administration. You can email them a question at OR go to and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Help Request. They also can be reached by phone at 5-3776. If they cannot help, they will try to direct you to the next best place.

The Department of Fisheries and Wildlife also has a CANR STAT contact person. His name is Jitti Jirawetthanakul and you can email him at If you contact him with a specific problem, he will most likely open a CANR ticket number so don't be surprised if you get a message with a ticket id. Jitti can help with all types of problems but may refer your problem back to the Help Desk. He is also the person who initializes our computers and can reinstall your operating system if needed.

Jitti is not always available, so I recommend that generic questions/problems are first directed to the ANR Help Desk. However, Jitti can also assist in a wider range of computer topics, such as planning for new devices or deciding on hardware upgrades.

MSU support

There's other places to seek computer help and advice also.This site points to a list of help desks at MSU: including classroom technology and MSUNetid help. The site here of most interest may be IT Services at .

You can also get help and advice at the MSU Computer Store Asking about specific products is free. Getting help with specific issues may come with a charge but they will work on both MSU and family computers.

HPCC issues

For specific questions about the HPCC or running jobs there, got to their support site at . You will need to login with your MSU NetID to use there help ticketing system. You can also contact them at (517) 353-9309 from 8-5PM Monday through Friday.

Last update October 7, 2014