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Graduate Assistantships

We are regularly seeking top students in quantitative fisheries, who seek training leading to MS and PhD degrees.  Prospective students will find us working closely with fishery management agencies to apply our research findings to current and emerging management issues.  Research approaches range from applications of simulation modeling and evaluation of statistical methodologies to hypothesis-driven field oriented studies.

If you are interested in graduate studies with the QFC, please contact Mike Jones (, Jim Bence (, or Travis Brenden ( prior to formal application to the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife.  Check out our individual web sites (Jones, Bence, Brenden) as well as other information on the QFC web site to learn more about our specific interests and research areas. We suggest you provide us the following information (as electronic attachments): a letter of interest, CV or resume, GRE scores, GPA, a summary of relevant cousework and the names and contacts for three or more references.