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QFC Publication List

All published works by QFC personnel representing efforts supported by the QFC are assigned contribution numbers and are listed below.

  1. Dawson, H.A., G. Bravener, J. Beaulaurier, N.S. Johnson, M. Twohey, R.L. McLaughlin, and T.O. Brenden. In press. Contribution of manipulable and non-manipulable environmental factors to trapping efficiency of invasive sea lamprey. Journal of Great Lakes Research
  2. Truesdell, S.B., J.R. Bence, J.M. Syslo, and M.P. Ebener. In press. Estimating multinomial effective sample size in catch-at-age and catch-at-size models. Fisheries Research
  3. Stevens, B.S., J.R. Bence, W.F. Porter, and C.J. Parent. In press. Structural uncertainty limits generality of fall harvest strategies for wild turkeys. Journal of Wildlife Management.
  4. Kraus, R.T., C.S. Vandergoot, P.M. Kocovsky, M.W. Rogers, H.A. Cook, and T.O. Brenden. 2017. Reconciling walleye catch differences from multiple fishery independent gill net surveys in Lake Erie. Fisheries Research 188:17-22.