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Maximum Likelihood Estimation

Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Natural Resources and Ecology

is a non-credit, on-line course that will introduce students to model fitting by maximum likelihood techniques, estimation of uncertainty in model estimates (e.g., likelihood profiling), and methods of inference using multiple models (e.g., AIC model averaging).

Unit 1 - Overview

Unit 2 - Introduction to R

Unit 3 - Model Specification and Model Fitting

Unit 4 - Introduction to Probability

Unit 5 - Introduction to Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation

Unit 6 - More About Fitting Models Using Maximum Likelihood

Unit 7 - Assessing Uncertainty in Parameter Estimates

Unit 8 - Model Selection and Averaging

Maximum Likelihood Estimation Online Course Introduction Video


Sample video from a portion of unit 5

Sample exercise handout

This handout is one of the many printable handouts offered in the course. This is a completed exercise file that can be saved and referenced later.