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AD Model Builder

The QFC periodically teaches short courses on AD Model Builder, which is a software for creating programs to estimate parameters of statistical models. The AD Model Builder Basics short course is intended for those who have never used the software or those needing a refresher in software basics.

Topics that are taught include:

  1. a review of what the software does and why it has become widely used;
  2. working in the E-macs environment;
  3. details of how to create an ADMB template;
  4. essentials of ADMB and C++ syntax;
  5. hands-on experience working with several examples.

The AD Model Builder Advanced Fishery Applications short course cover more advanced topics, including:

  1. methods for assessing uncertainty in model results;
  2. review of available ADMB/AUTODIFF functions;
  3. instruction on writing functions;
  4. problem solving such as alternative model parameterization, and estimating parameters in phases.
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AD Model Builder short courses were last taught in Summer 20012. No new courses are presently planned. If you are interested in being informed of future AD Model Builder course offerings, please e-mail Charlie Belinsky Leslie (