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R Essentials for Natural Resource Professionals

R Essentials for Natural Resource Professionals

is a non-credit, on-line course introduces students to the R statistical software package and programming environment. R is an extremely powerful and versatile data analysis package that is freely available for download off the world-wide web. R rivals and, in some cases, surpasses commercial statistical software and graphing packages.

Unit 1 - Getting Started with R

Unit 2 - R Functions

Unit 3 - Graphing

Unit 4 - Introduction to Statistics

Unit 5 - Looping and Conditional Statements

Unit 6 - User-defined Functions

Unit 7 - Probability Distributions and Optimization

R Essentials Online Course Introduction Video


Sample video from unit 2


Sample exercise handout

This handout is one of the many printable handouts offered in the course. This is a completed exercise file that can be saved and referenced later.