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Tuesday Inter-Lab Quantitative Seminar (TIQS) Series

Schedule Summer 2017

Date Presenter Title Location Time
Jun 13 Hsien-Yung Lin Marine Fisheries in Australia 102 UPLA 3 PM
Jul 11 Alex Magufee Chinook Salmon Otolith Pilot Study 102 UPLA 3 PM
Jul 25 Mark DuFour Grass Carp Structured Decision Making Updates 102 UPLA 3 PM
Aug 8 Peterson/Dobiesz Oil and Water: The Intersection of Science and Politics (RCR) 102 UPLA 3 PM
Aug 22 Heather Dawson Evaluating Adult Trapping as a Control Method for Sea Lamprey Management Using an Operating Model of the Control Program 102 UPLA 3 PM